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Saturday, September 11, 2010


On September 11th, 2010 remember what's good, what's bad and what's gone!

Remember that the hate that killed nine years ago still lives...

This week crazy hate filled Muslims protest the possible burning of a Koran by a Pastor in Florida by doing what comes naturally. This is the same bunch that destroyed priceless Buddhist statues and burned bibles long before September 11th. But remember also that not all Muslims are haters. Remember the Iranians who formed a spontaneous candlelight vigil in Tehran. These are the same Muslims who our government abaondoned as they died in the streets protesting for freedom last year.

Remember what was...

Photo by Mike's America
Remember that day!

Remember the Heroes!

Father Mychal Judge "Father Mike" the "Fireman's Friar" killed by falling debris at Ground Zero while delivering the last rites to a mortally wounded fireman.

Remember that despite the devastation, faith was found, not lost!

The Mystery of the Cross
Remember the children who would grow up without one or both parents!

The 911 Children.
Remember the Rebirth of the American Spirit!

Remember a President who found his voice and led a nation forward:

Some would suggest that what happened in the past is history, even as they try and rewrite that history to whitewash the true nature of the enemy that struck us so painfully nine years ago. But the hate that generated those attacks still lives and the enemy, whether he comes shrieking with rage or speaking softly and promising peace if we give in to his demands or more violence if we do not, still threatens America.

We've been very lucky for the past nine years that no other large attack has struck us on our soil. But as we learned from recent attempts and the shooting at Fort Hood, the enemy is still out there waiting to strike.

Remember this most of all: we are still at war and must not blind ourselves to the true nature of our enemy!

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