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Friday, September 03, 2010

Unemployment Goes Back UP to 9.6%

Third straight month of job losses. So much for Obama's "recovery summer!"

Before heading off to Camp David for the long holiday weekend (didn't he just come back from vacation?) President Obama came out to the teleprompter set up in the White House Rose Garden and told the American people once again that "we are moving in the right direction."

Readers will recall that Obama had earlier said that these summer months would be known as "recovery summer" and V.P. Joe Biden predicted we would see 500,000 new jobs added each month.

Instead of creating jobs, the economy lost a net 54,000 jobs in August and the unemployment rate increased to 9.6%.

This after the massive spending of the stimulus bill, big union bailouts and a host of other big government liberal programs. The result has been the worst and most sustained downturn in employment since the Great Depression.

The following chart has yet to be updated with the new information, but already indicates we may be in for a double dip recession:

What has become obvious is that Obama's economic policies are actually stalling economic growth in the private sector. They continue to push a radical left wing agenda with massive new federal regulations and taxes that hampers hiring in the private sector.

Yet Obama took to the teleprompter again today demanding Congress pass a small business jobs bill that includes another $30 billion bailout program that not even moderate Republican Senator Olympia Snowe will vote for. Snowe called the latest Democrat strong arm tactics " nothing but a disgrace and a sham." If you can't get Olympia Snowe on board, you KNOW it's a bad idea!

Obama promises new legislative ideas after he returns from his holiday getaway. Does anyone really think these new ideas will be anything more than the usual liberal grabfest?

Happy Labor Day

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