John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, October 29, 2010

Al Queda's October Surprise?

Will Obama now switch from urging Hispanic voters to "punish" Republican "enemies" to targeting the REAL enemy?

It's too soon to sort out the facts of Friday's alleged terrorist plot. But coming just days before an election in which Democrats are expected to face near historic losses, the question of a possible political component to these events is natural.

In Obama's statement to the press late this afternoon he did urge "defeat" of Al Queda. A word he doesn't often use in reference to terrorists. But his statement seemed to have less passion than his campaign rhetoric of late which has painted the GOP in much harsher terms than Al Queda.

For now, Mike's America will keep an eye on events as we learn more about any possible plot to attack. I do note however, that already during Obama's time in office the number of attacks in the United States has risen sharply over the number of plots foiled by the Bush Administration following the September 11, 2001 attack.

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