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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Former Obama Supporters Think Obama is Digging the Ditch DEEPER!

It's time to give Republicans back the keys to the national car!

I hope readers are keeping up with the Mike's America Twitter Feed. The good, the bad and the ugly are coming in fast and furious and there's no way to fully blog it all. The Twitter feed is a good way to catch up on the headlines, and astute readers will notice certain trends in the stories that catch my attention. This is what happened today.

First, I saw this: an AP/Yahoo News poll which followed over 1200 voters during the 2008 presidential contest were contacted again this year and the primary conclusion from interviewing them again was:

Nearly two years after putting Obama in the White House, one-quarter of those who voted for the Democrat are defecting to the GOP or considering voting against the party in power this fall. Just half of them say they definitely will show up Nov. 2, according to an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released two weeks before Obama's first midterm elections.
To a certain degree, Obama's woes are a consequence of his 2008 campaign, when he was a blank slate and many people attached their hopes to him. Now, two years in, liberals, moderates and conservatives alike who supported him are disappointed for various reasons.
Perhaps the clearest explanation of how Obama failed those who voted for him comes from another story I found today in the Boston Herald. Margery Eagan, who admits voting for Obama writes:

This president gives rousing speeches. He did it again yesterday. He bounded out onto the Hynes Convention Center stage, all youth and vigor, open-necked white shirt, navy blazer.

But he didn’t sell me, or reassure me.

And he obviously knows he’s having trouble connecting — even with true believers. He talked about this yesterday: the “fun” and “feeling good” and overwhelming optimism of Inauguration Day vs. the undercurrent of skepticism now.

Remember? Obama was JFK, RFK and MLK rolled into one. He was a once-in-a-generation superstar. The savior had been born.

What happened?
Ms. Eagan went on to describe Obama's speech in which he once again tried to blame Republicans for driving the car into the ditch and standing on the sidelines while he begged them for help pulling the car out. Ms. Eagan goes on:

I don’t think the president meant to undermine anybody’s confidence with his wrong-way-out-of-the-ditch story yesterday. But that’s the nagging question — isn’t it? Even among the once-Obamified, like me? We’re afraid he’s not really getting us out of our ditch. And the ditch is getting deeper. And it’s very scary stuff.
So now we’re back to the car in the ditch. Obama said yesterday that even though the GOP didn’t lift a finger, he and the Democrats kept pushing, and “finally we got this car on level ground. It’s a little banged up,” he said, “It needs some body work, a tune-up.” But at least it’s finally out of the ditch. And now, Obama said, the GOP says, “Excuse me, can we have the keys back?’’

We’re not supposed to give the keys back, see. That’s Obama’s message this election season. We’re supposed to “keep moving forward between our doubts and our hopes . . . to push forward even when success (is) uncertain.”

OK, I get it. There are no guarantees. But I, for one, would feel much better with some kind of evidence that Obama’s GPS works.
Like so many other former Obama supporters (Bloomberg poll put the number at 40%) who have lost faith in their messiah, Ms. Eagen sees Obama pushing the car further and further into the ditch and wonders whether it might be a better idea to let the Republicans have the keys back before it is too late!

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