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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holding on to Harry Reid's Nevada Senate Seat is Top Obama Priority

Politico: "Of all the races in the country this year, none is as important to President Barack Obama as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s reelection campaign. The race carries unrivaled symbolism for Obama, who would emerge even more politically wounded than anticipated if Republicans defeat his top Democrat in the Senate."

It's clear Obama and the Democrats have made the Nevada Senate race their Ground Zero for containing the political damage expected ten days from now.Of course it doesn't help when Obama campaigned for Reid in Nevada this week and said: "Harry kind of speaks in a very soft voice. He doesn't move very quickly. He doesn't give stem-winding speeches."

Sharron Angle also recognizes the role Obama intends to play in this race and she put out this ad to Nevada voters to remind them of a few things they probably haven't forgotten:

So many promises, so many failures to deliver!

This is the image Nevada voters need to keep in mind as they cast their vote:
Obama and Harry Reid hug at 2010 campaign event.
How'd that "hope and change" work out for Nevada?

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