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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Left's Antidote to Conservative March on Washington Weak by Comparison

Hundreds of Thousands of REAL citizens at Glenn Beck and Tea Party rallies trumps "tens of thousands" bussed in by labor unions and communist groups anyday!

UPDATE: Ken from The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth found the photo we have all been looking for. It's one which is an aerial shot taken from the top of the Washington Monument comparing the crowds at the Glenn Beck rally to the Commie Rally. It's not even close. Ken also found this photo showing the trash littering the Mall after this event which included a large contingent of environmentalists who constantly tell the rest of us how to live. Finally, Ken offers this video showing mass produced signs paid for by big labor unions (recipents of huge amounts of Obama stimulus funds) littering the National World War II Memorial. No real surprise here as the left doesn't appreciate the freedom won with the blood of our troops in ANY war!

End Update.

Well, the Dems held their big counter conservative rally on the National Mall Saturday afternoon on a fine fall day. The event was called One Nation Working Together (they certainly couldn't call it "one nation under GOD) at which they expected 200,000 to show up.

But just like those millions of promised stimulus jobs, this event was overhyped. It turns out only "tens of thousands" made it off the buses paid for by big unions, George Soros and assorted communist front group organizations.

We probably won't see any aerial shots of the crowd taken from the Washington Monument as we did during the Glenn Beck rally:
The crowd attending the "Restoring Honor" rally, organized by Glenn Beck, is seen from the top of the Washington Monument in Washington, on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010. In the foreground is the National World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial is at the top.

And Saturday's counter rally:
Thousands of activists, most bought and paid for by labor unions, George Soros and communist front groups, attend the 'One Nation Working Together' rally on the National Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in Washington on October 2, 2010.
 Notice the large patches of open space to the left of the image above. And don't expect to see any overhead shots of the side areas appearing in your local newspaper as they would only embarrass the Dems more. The Associated Press story reporting the event said: "Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally. But Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally."

 One rally participant admitted that "There may be an enthusiasm gap, but we're not going to know until we have an election," said Ken Bork, who came from Camas, Wash. Au contraire Mr. Bork. Just compare the two pictures if you need a clue.

Signs and speakers proclaiming a message of "hope not hate" were contradicted by other signs like "silence the GOP" and attacks by speakers on Sarah Palin. "If Sarah Palin had a bright idea, it'd be beginners' luck," comedian Charlie Hill joked from the stage about the 2008 vice presidential nominee.

According to the Associated Press, organizers insisted that their mini-rally was "non-partisan" but you wouldn't find a Republican in the bunch. Lula Stewart,  a member of the Office and Professional Employees International Union declared that their goal was to "out-vote those who don't know how to vote." Hmmm... seems to me it isn't Republicans who have trouble filling out ballots correctly. But maybe Lula was referring to age old Dem tactic of stuffing the ballot box and counting only the votes for their side.

No word yet on how big of a mess these folks left. If the past is any guide, there will be plenty of jobs for clean up crews in D.C. this weekend!

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