Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marco Rubio Makes Reaganesque Closing Argument in FL Senate Race

Rubio is living proof of the American Dream and why it must be defended!
Thinking of Reagan, as we do in the article below, conservatives are constantly searching for a genuine successor to that great American. Someone who understands Reagan's positive vision for America's future and for whom that vision is personal and alive.

Marco Rubio, the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida embodies those qualities in ways that few, if any, other politicians on the horizon do. And he expresses those values in ways that are, well, Reaganesque; and genuinely so.

Below is Rubio's closing argument in the senate race. Entitled 'A Generational Choice' it's a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy are never secure without our constant vigilance.

Marco Rubio: “America’s the greatest country in the world. But it didn’t get that way by accident. And it won’t stay that way automatically.

“Every single generation before us has been asked to make sacrifices. Some went to war. Others survived depressions. But every American generation confronted the great challenges of their time, and because they did, we live the life we do today.

“So now we are faced with a world as dangerous and as uncertain as ever. Trillions in foreign debt. Unsustainable federal spending. And an ever-growing government that wants us to be more like the rest of the world, than the other way around.

“These challenges are so consequential, so generational, that we can’t afford typical politicians who will say or do anything or fall for the same false attacks they recycle almost every election.

“It’s very clear. If we stay on this road Washington has us on right now, we will risk the essence of what makes us exceptional. We will lose what makes us unique.

“I know this because this idea about America being exceptional is not something I read in a book. As the son of exiles, my parents were born into a society pretty much like every other in the world where if you’re not from the right family or with enough money you can only go so far.

“And that is a very different place from our America – a place where the son of bartender doesn’t have to become a bartender and where the son of a maid can achieve any dream.

“So now we’re being asked whether we want to keep all that or whether we want to become more like the place my parents came from.

“And that’s why I’m running for the Senate. To change the direction Washington is taking our country so that my four children can be a part of one of the great generations in American history. And so that you and I can do as every American generation before us has done and pass on the single greatest society in all of mankind.
In the last few weeks, Rubio's lead in the senate race (RCP polls) has stabilized and it can be expected that he will win by a substantial margin a week from now. That shouldn't surprise anyone. The only question I have is: how long will we have to wait before Rubio runs for President?

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