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Friday, October 08, 2010

More Job Losses in September!

And earlier reports revised to reflect even greater job losses!

Remember that Obama predicted this summer would be "recovery summer" and that V.P. Biden claimed that up to 500,000 jobs would be created each month? Remember that Obama rushed through a $TRILLION stimulus bill, costing more than the total spending on the Iraq war, and swore it would keep unemployment below 8%?

The news today is that 95,000 jobs were lost in September and that what little job growth there is in the private sector is smaller than expected. In addition, previous month's losses were revised to show that an additional 366,000 people are out of work.

The following chart shows just how bad the situation is in comparison to other recessions:

See more info at Calculated Risk
 As Karl Rove points out in his recent Wall Street Journal column:
In March 2004, when Barack Obama was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the Illinois Democratic primary, he excoriated President George W. Bush for creating a "jobless recovery." The month he said that, 334,000 new jobs were created—none of them temporary Census ones—and unemployment was 5.8%.
On September 27th Obama insisted we are not in a "jobless recovery." Yet if you compare the brown line in the chart above which tracks unemployment during the 2001 recession when Bush was President you see a vastly better job situation than we do in the current recession.

Unemployment WORSE Because of Obama Policies

The policies put in place by Democrats have made it harder for businesses to hire new workers and harder to keep the workers they have. Whether it's the new health care law or environmental or other regulations, businesses are not encouraged to hire. Michelle Malkin has been tracking the jobs lost due to Obama's policies. Add to that the uncertainty about the tax situation, which Democrats refused to confront before leaving town to campaign and it's no wonder this recession is deeper and will last longer than might otherwise be the case if a Republican was in the White House with the aide of a Republican Congress.

Obama and the Democrats declared war on business with their policies and that war seems to be the only one which they are winning. There is only one remedy to this situation: VOTE REPUBLICAN in November! Putting the adults back in charge will be the first big step to restoring jobs to the American worker and sanity to government!

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