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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama Makes the Case for Republican Sweep Next Tuesday

He often does a better job of motivating GOP voters than party leaders do!

With one week to go before the November 2nd election, President Obama appeared Tuesday on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show and said this:

OBAMA: "My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out."

Republicans who have had a hard time in these last weeks enunciating a national message to motivate their voters as to what this election is all about just got another huge boost from Obama. Now, in all those races across the country where Democrats are claiming to be independent and promising to restore fiscal sanity they've just been blindsided by Obama. A vote for ANY Democrat for federal office is a vote for more of the same radical, extreme, liberal agenda that so many voters have rebelled against since Obama took office.

WSJ report: Democrat unions outspend GOP groups
Obama also undercut the message he and Democrats have been trying to build up to explain away what is expected to be a huge loss next Tuesday. First it was an attack on the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads who are spending big on this year's election (but not as big as Democrat labor unions- see right).

Then Obama said the voters were too "scared" to make the right choice.

Obama's already come up with plenty of excuses to explain away the looming defeat as not his fault. But with the statement above, he makes a direct connection between people's vote on Tuesday and the Obama policies we have all found so reckless and disturbing.

But never fear. Despite Obama's admission that this election IS a referendum on his presidency and agenda, we can expect Obama to flip back to blaming the Republicans, and probably former President Bush somehow, the minute the results are in. And I'm sure he'll find plenty of parrots in the "news" media ready to take up the chant!

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