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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Palin: "Corrupt Bastards" In Alaska Media Attempt to Fabricate Election Swaying Smear on Joe Miller in Senate Race

This is the tip of a very large iceberg of corruption going on in the "news" media nationwide to smear conservatives!

Late last night news from Alaska broke showing how news reporters at KTVA, the local CBS station in Anchorage, Alaska, openly conspired to slant the news regarding a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller(R) in such as way as to smear the candidate and his campaign and possibly sway the election.

Big Government has the full story of a phone message left for Miller's campaign by the KTVA News Director who fails to properly disconnect the call and is heard discussing ways with his reporters on how they might smear Miller. From Big Government, we have the phone audio and a transcript:

Audio KTVA -

Listen as the reporters laugh at the idea of finding child molesters supporting Joe Miller or hoping for some chaos at the rally so they can slant the news. KTVA General Manager has confirmed that the audio is accurate, but made a very lame attempt to deny any impropriety.

In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday (excerpt and full interview on Right Scoop) former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin described the conduct of these reporters as that of "corrupt bastards." Sadly, this kind of thing is all too common in newsrooms across the country where reporters actively seek to discredit conservatives and put Democrat candidates in the best light possible.

Yet, it's amazing that even with this kind of active campaign directed at smearing conservatives that we still win anyway. I guess the voters aren't as dumb as Obama and the Dems would make us out to be. But just imagine what would happen if we had a level playing field across all media? Conservatives would win practically everywhere. And that's something these "corrupt bastards" will do ANYTHING to prevent.

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