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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What a Laugh! Pelosi Puppet Claims He Won't Vote for Her as Speaker?

Rob Miller.... YOU LIE!

Across the country Democrats running for Congress are also running away from President Obama and running away from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Here in South Carolina, in the 2nd Congressional District which serves Mike's America, the Democrat opponent to our excellent Representative Joe Wilson (R) has heretofore refused to say how he stands on a whole range of issues important to voters. Key among them is: would you vote to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House?

On Wednesday, Miller finally came out and said he would NOT support Pelosi as Speaker. How is this believable since Pelosi, who contributed $2,000 to Miller's campaign,  came to Charleston just two weeks ago to raise even more money for Miller? It was her FIRST visit to the Palmetto State since becoming Speaker. Are we supposed to believe that Miller would now vote against her re-election?

Come on Rob! In the famous words of Joe Wilson to President Obama in a joint session of Congress "YOU LIE" (here's the video of that great event. Notice the look on Pelosi's face). Rob Miller's statement is about as believable as all the other Democrats who told voters in 2006 and 2008 they would be independent and serve their districts and not tow the Democrat Party line.

Truth is that once elected Democrats do what they are told. The Washington Post database of how Representatives vote shows Democrats, much more than Republicans, overwhelmingly support the party line and that includes voting for Pelosi as Speaker.

South Carolina voters won't be fooled any more than voters across the country.

Despite any statements by Democrat candidates to the contrary, a vote for ANY Democrat running for House and Senate in this election is a vote for more of the same failed liberal Obama policies!

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