John Bolton

John Bolton

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Black Panthers Return to Philly Polling Place

Why not? Obama's Dept. of Justice has decreed that NO black voter intimidation will be prosecuted!

Fox 29 in Philadelphia reports that the New Black Panthers are back outside the same polling place in Philly where voters were harassed with racist remarks and intimidating behavior in 2008.

O.K. So the lone figure isn't swinging a club and shooting racial epithets as they did in 2008, but the intention violates a court order filed after the 2008 voter intimidation suit dismissed by the Obama Dept. of Justice.

Speaking of which, the  draft of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights report on that case shows clear efforts by Obama political appointees to block the prosecution of the New Black Panthers, or ANY case in which Blacks are accused of voter intimidation.  That report concludes that Obama's DOJ is: "at war with its core mission of guaranteeing equal protection (under) the laws for all Americans.''

Civil rights mean NOTHING if they are not extended to ALL Americans no matter what skin color! Obama's DOJ has violated that principle!

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