John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, November 13, 2010

White House Gives Big Pay Raise to Employees While U.S. Workers Get Scr*wed!

Do Taxpayers think they are getting their money's worth from Obama's White House?

Imagine if you are the head of a large company and you've just had the worst year of performance ever. What's the first thing you do? Give raises to all the people who did such a lousy job? Apparently, that's just what Obama did for White House staff.

And what's more, Obama circumvented the empty meaniningless gesture of freezing salary for top employees by promoting them to positions with a different title and a bigger paycheck but basically doing the same work.

Biggest on the list of this scam are the folks who are responsible for press, communications and speech writing. I thought Obama said his Administration had a "failure to communicate" but many of these folks are raises running from 33% to 66%.

Overall, the average raise among White House employees was 9% which is three times the best of what private sector workers could expect. I suppose it's because they did such a great job helping to put Americans back to work!

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