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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Govt. Employees Wreck Car in Snow Plow Mishap

And Dems want government to run health care?
Warning: strong language!

If there was one government job that should be "shovel ready" it should be snow removal. But even here, we see the bungling, incompetent and STUPID hand of government at work.

New York City Sanitation workers, all UNION employees, mangle two cars while trying to free a stuck front end loader that was attempting (badly) to clear the streets of snow following the December blizzard.

Imagine what will happen when they put guys like these (more union employees) in charge of our health care!

UPDATE: Slow NYC Cleanup Caused by Union Action. Deaths Result

Then there is this news: The cleanup chaos in New York City was caused in large part by a union organized protest of Sanitation workers. The New York Post has the story. Guilt ridden Sanitation workers confessed that they delayed cleanup on orders. The Post also has a photo of a union sanitation worker asleep in his vehicle.

Commuters were stuck and there was some obvious damage to vehicles by sanitation workers as seen above. But that's not all. Ambulances could not get to people in need. In another story, a newborn child died after his mother waited nine hours for an ambulance to arrive.

Unions and Obama: Two Peas in a Pod

Labor unions are holding large cities like New York hostage. Even in non-critical functions like the theater, unions for stage hands manage to get over $290,000 a year for their members. And who pays for this? We all do. Either in taxes or fees. Union greed is one key factor that is driving cities and some states (mostly blue states run entirely by Democrats in case you had not noticed) into bankruptcy. And guess who is going to be forced to bail out these greedy unions? YOU are!

Meanwhile, the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House in the first year was SEIU chief Andy Stern. In early 2010 Stern went on to represent Obama on the deficit reduction commission. Clearly he was there to defend union greed!

Remember that old song: "Look for the Union Label?" Read between the lines on one of those labels these days and you'll see greed, chaos and death brought to you by Obama's favorite pals!

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