John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rahm Emanuel Shows Once Again that Dems will Turn Law on It's Head to Get Their Way

What good is the purpose of election law if Democrats can rewrite it whenever it suits them?

We all remember how hanging chads and dimpled ballots became votes for Al Gore in 2000 even though the Democrats who controlled the election board in Palm Beach County had rules on the books prohibiting that from happening.

Many readers will recall when Democrats in New Jersey switched senate candidates at the last minute, well past the deadline in state law, to replace scandal plagued Bob Torricelli with Frank Lautenberg.

Now, Rahm Emanuel is arguing that it was his "intention" to be a resident of Chicago despite the fact that Chicago election law requires candidates for mayor to have lived in the city for the year prior to the election; a time when Emanuel was living and working in Washington, D.C. as Obama's White House Chief of Staff.

As proof that Emanuel "intended" to meet the cities requirement he cites that his car remained registered in Chicago and that he voted absentee. And now, he claims that because he left boxes at the house he rented out to another Chicago couple it proves his intention.

Other candidates for the mayor's job  have objected to Emanuel's slick revision of the rules. Among these candidates is Rob Halpin, the tenant of Emanuel's House. A hearing is currently underway in Chicago to determine whether Emanuel is eligible to run.

***Photos of Boxes in Emanuel's Crawl Space***

As part of Emanuel's defense, he sent attorney's to his former residence who took photos of boxes purportedly left behind by Emanuel in the crawl space of the house. Apparently this shows Emanuel's intention to return but how that could be construed as fulfilling the residency requirement is another matter.

If Emanuel is successful in his latest shenanigan's bank robbers would have a new defense. They could simply say it was their "intention" to take out a loan!

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