John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, December 23, 2010

TSA Misses Loaded Gun on Plane and Punishes Pilot Who Points Out Idiotic Lapses in Security

But they still find time to frisk three year old kids and nuns!

First there is the story of the man who forgot he had a loaded gun in his carry on luggage and was surprised that TSA didn't catch it. I guess we shouldn't be surprised because according to the government's own study TSA misses up to 70% of the bombs, guns and knives federal agents plant to test the system.

Next, there's the pilot who posted You Tube videos pointing that while TSA agents are busy frisking nuns and three year old kids, airport ground workers pass into secure flight areas by just swiping a card. There's no one to check them for weapons even if the checks were effective.

To repay that pilot for his critical views, Federal agents raided the man's home and confiscated the gun which he is permitted to carry on flights and are threatening additional action.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are being subjected to intrusive searches or asked to have naked scans taken of their body. As Ann Coulter said recently:
I feel so much more confident that the TSA's nude photos of airline passengers will never be released now that I know the government couldn't even prevent half a million classified national security documents from being posted on WikiLeaks.

Just as a reminder, TSA hasn't caught ONE terrorist trying to board a plane. Yet, it seems they spend a fair amount of their time harassing the general public and anyone who dares to complain.

We're just lucky we haven't been hit again by terrorists and one day that luck will run out. What a shame no one in the Obama Administration seems to take this threat seriously enough to actually do something EFFECTIVE!

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