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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

U.S. House Passes Repeal of Obama Care

The vote is more than symbolic. It puts Obama on notice that we are serious about rolling back his socialist agenda!

Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the two page bill to repeal the 2300 page bill known as Obama Care and rammed through the last congress.


Here is the roll call of the vote. How did your Representative vote? Three Democrats crossed over to vote for repeal.

Democrats continue to warn that full repeal of Obama Care would endanger the relatively small number of Americans who are unable to get health care due to existing preconditions. Yet, as Charles Krauthammer points out it doesn't take a 2300 page bill to address that need:
The problem is that most Americans know there is a lot else in there. That’s why the Democrats have lost the debate for the last two years. That’s why they’re going to continue the debate over the next two years. They know that the price for those goodies is the trillion dollars of new spending, the 138 new commissions and regulators getting between you and your doctor, a hundred thousand pages of new regulations and essentially a government takeover of a sixth of the U.S. economy. That’s a high price to pay for a couple of goodies, which you can get without any of that.
 Opinion polls continue to show strong support for repeal. A new study of doctors shows that 2/3rds of those responding think Obama Care will be bad for medicine, bad for their patients and bad for them. The new legislation has already restricted the number of new hospitals being built, threatens to cause massive retirements of physicians and is raising drug prices and other costs.

On top of all that 200 of the nation's top economists, including a former director of the Congressional Budget Office sent a letter to congressional leaders expressing their concern over the job killing and massive spending and debt that will be incurred if Obama Care is not repealed.

The bill to repeal will now go to the Senate where Majority Leader Harry Reid says he will refuse to even bring the matter up for a vote. So much for allowing both sides to have their say. But that's not the end of it. There are a number of legislative maneouvers members of the Senate who are for repeal can take as well as further legislative actions taken in the House to block funding for implementation of Obama Care. Slowly the foundation for this bill will be chipped away.

Meanwhile, 26 states, more than half of the total states in the union (unless like Obama you think there are 57) continue to pursue judicial remedies to block Obama Care from imposing unfair burdens on the citizens of their states.

Another complaint coming from Democrats is that the vote for repeal is a "waste of time" but it also takes the focus off the important work of focusing on jobs and the economy. Where have they been the last two years? Despite their promises to make jobs and the economy their top priority they squandered their majority trying to force through as much of their left wing wish list as possible. It's now up to the new masters of the House to clean up the mess and put the country back on track!

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