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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Camel Suffers Possible Injury for the Sake of Left Wing Protest in Wisconsin

The Daily Show thought it would be funny to bring a camel to Wisconsin. Yeah, not such a laugh for the poor camel!

Can you imagine the outrage from the animal rights crowd if a conservative smacked his dog at a Tea Party rally? Front page news right?

So, when the Daily Show drags a poor camel out in the freezing Wisconsin winter to play up the non-existent connection between the Egyptian protests and the illegal union strike in Wisconsin you're probably not too surprised that when the camel suffers a possible injury no one on the left even cares. To the left, the cause is more important than the life of a camel, OR even a human being.

Here's the tape:

Following the fracas the Daily Show decided not to run the sketch with the camel. Besides, when most people compare the $89,000 average annual compensation that Wisconsin teachers make to the $2 a day many Egyptians live on we can well imagine that a great many Egyptians would love to hop on their camel and high tail it to Wisconsin to offer their teaching services for less.

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