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Friday, February 18, 2011

Egypt My Ass. Teacher Protest in Wisconsin is about Union Greed, NOT Democracy!

Besides, if this is about democracy, the unions need to be reminded that REPUBLICANS WON BIG in Wisconsin state elections in November!

If you have been watching any news at all you know that union protests in Wisconsin are growing and spreading to neighboring states like Ohio and Indiana. The professional protesting class, many of whom are being bussed in by unions in close coordination with the Obama political machine (I thought this was a state issue), carry nasty signs that would get nationwide attention if a Tea Partier carried it. Just to show how unspontaneous and manufactured this protest is, one malcontent was photographed carrying a sign that read on the back "Impeach Bush." Well, we are talking public educators here. Maybe they think Bush is still president.

Democracy is what took place last November!

 When the crowd isn't comparing Republican Wisconsin Governor Walker to Hitler or Hosni Mubarak, they are talking about their protest as being just like that in Egypt. It's all about democracy. Have they forgotten that we had an election back in November in which the Red tide that swept the nation also meant a landslide for the GOP in both the Wisconsin State Assembly, State Senate, Governor's Office, state offices and Congressional races? And that political newcomer  Ron Johnson ousted long time liberal Senator Russ Feingold?

Wisconsin Teachers Living on $2 a day?

And just how ludicrous is it for these overpaid public employees to compare themselves to the protests in Egypt where the average citizen is said to live on $2 a day. Rush Limbaugh brought up a good point on Friday's show. He pointed out that there's a good reason why we don't hear from the protesters, the Obama Administration or any union organizers about how poorly paid the teachers in Wisconsin are. It's because the average teacher salary with benefits in Wisconsin for nine months work is $89,527!

If you think that is high, Wisconsin is 24th of Obama's 57 states (and he went to private school). That makes Wisconsin about the nationwide average. That might just give you a good idea of how badly your state is being taken to the cleaners by greedy teachers and other public employees whose salaries and benefits soar above those in the private sector.

Average STARTING pay $35,000+

Democrats like to point to the gap between rich and poor. But somehow they NEVER point to the gap between private and public sector salaries. And I don't need to tell you why that is. Even a starting teacher in Wisconsin can expect to pull down at least $35,000. WKBT reporter Jades Olds compared starting teacher pay in La Crosse, Wisconsin to that in the similar community across the river in Winona, Minnesota:
Teacher salaries in each district are comparable as well. "Starting salary for this school year was 35,608 dollars," said Jerry Kember, superintendent of La Crosse Schools. Scott Hannon, superintendent of Winona Schools said, "Starting teacher is going to make, in our district, maybe around 35,000 dollars."

When you look at benefits, the numbers are a little different.

According to Winona's superintendent, most teachers on a family plan pay nearly 11,000 dollars a year towards health care coverage.

Beginning July 1st, they'll also have to contribute 6 percent toward their pensions.
In La Crosse, most teachers on a family plan pay a little more than 2,000 dollars a year for health care and their pension is completely covered by taxpayers.

"Wisconsin employees, really on paper and probably realistically have a much better benefit package by not paying into their state retirement plan and also paying in far less for health insurance. They're in kind of an envious spot," said Hannon.
Yet somehow the newly elected Governor of Wisconsin is a hybrid of Hitler and Mubarak for suggesting that teachers contribute SOMETHING, as opposed to the current NOTHING, for their pensions and more towards health care just as they do in neighboring states!

And for all those protesters who are screaming about democracy and their rights, I would remind them again, that they lost state elections in 2010 and the people who voted in the GOP majorities have a right to have their program passed. I would also remind them that when Obama dismissed GOP ideas after he took office in 2009 he did so by saying "I won."  Later in 2009 he said "I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking." And just before Obama and the Dems got shellacked in the 2010 midterms he told the GOP to "sit in the back."

Well guess what you greedy union goons and protesters? You lost, so shut up and sit in the back!

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