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Monday, February 07, 2011

Obama's Inconsistent, Unfocused Egyptian Policy Vitiates U.S. Diplomatic Strength

Obama's weak and vacillating position only makes a difficult job harder!

Today is Monday, so it's time for yet another policy from the Obama Administration on how to deal with the Egyptian crisis. Those who have been following the Administration's response can't help but notice that this gang who can't shoot straight seems incapable of finding their way through one of the most difficult and challenging foreign policy crises to confront the United States in many years.

Even the British socialist-oriented newspaper The Guardian has noticed Obama's fecklessness. In two columns on Sunday a nearly identical description of the confusion which reigns in the White House. The headline and subhead of the first reads: "Egyptian crisis: Dithering White House all at sea. The Obama administration's official position on the Egypt uprising has been changing almost daily." The second: "The Egyptian crisis: another day, another two US policies. An American envoy's praise for Mubarak has raised the question once more of what Washington really thinks."

And that's coming from Obama's friends in the U.K. Imagine what the rest of the world thinks. Wasn't Obama supposed to make us respected around the world again?

One day we have Vice President Biden (remember, he was supposed to be the steady hand at foreign policy) saying Mubarak isn't a dictator the next day we have Obama saying Mubarak has to go. Then we have Secretary of State Clinton, Special Envoy Wisner and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs all saying something different. There have been more flip flops in the past week than are usually found in months of Democrat political campaigning!

Obama Makes U.S. Diplomacy Irrelevant

Diplomacy in a complex situation like the Egyptian crisis is difficult to begin with. And it is natural that there should be some evolution of views as a crisis unfolds. But when the Administration announces, leaks or hints at policy which changes from day to day with backtracking and clear contradictions, any influence the U.S. might have over the situation is weakened to the point of irrelevance.

Whatever moral capital Obama had hoped to exploit through his outreach to the Muslim world has been frittered away and it won't return any time soon. We have lost the ability to play a leadership role in Egypt and the damage that may do to our national interests in the ultimate outcome could be severe.

This Mike's America production from March 2009 seems prophetic now:

This is what happens when you have an inexperienced and unqualified man elected to lead a great nation in a world filled with trouble. Fancy speeches are not enough to compensate for the lack of discipline, focus and understanding so critical at a time like this.

The U.S. and the world will pay a price for that mistake!

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