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John Bolton

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pro Democracy Protests in Iran: Where is Obama?

Why is his praise for Mubarak's downfall not matched by encouragement for the fall of the Mullahs in Iran?

During the Egyptian crisis not a day went by when Obama, or members of his Administration weren't preening for the cameras making one statement after another, many of which were contradictory. Yet even through that fog it seemed Obama supported the overthrow of Mubarak.

But when it comes to overthrowing the Iranian regime which has been the prime mover and shaker for Islamic terrorism worldwide and directly implicated in the killings of hundreds of Americans (1,2) where is he?

When protests over a rigged election erupted in Iran in 2009, Obama remained silent for a week. Protesters who were dying in the streets of Iran at the hands of the government in a way not seen in Egypt asked "Obama are you with us or with them? [video]"

And now, in the wake of protests in Egypt, Iran's pro-democracy forces took to the streets again on Monday and at least one protester was killed. Where's Obama? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out in favor of the Iranian protests, but where is Obama?

None of the confusion surrounding the Egyptian crisis exists when it comes to the overthrow of the Iranian regime. It's simply inconceivable that replacing that malignancy would be worse than the status quo. So, why hasn't Obama gone full out in favor of change in Iran?

Playing nice with Iran the past two years has gotten us nowhere. The Iranians are going full speed toward building a nuclear weapon. Their agents still kill Americans in Afghanistan, even Iraq, when they have the chance. And now, another opportunity where strong support from the top in the U.S. might, just might, make a difference and Obama votes present.

Teddy Roosevelt, a great enough president to get his likeness chiseled onto Mount Rushmore, once said "Speak softly and carry a big stick and you will go far." When it really matters, Obama is not speaking at all and he has thrown the stick away!

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