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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dem Legislator in Wisconsin Tells GOP Colleague: "You're F#*%ing DEAD!"

And not a peep from the civility police in the White House or the "news" media!

On Monday when Obama wagged his finger at the nation's governors and warned them not to "denigrate or vilify" public employee unions we heard not a peep from him on maintaining a civil tone in the discussion.

Meanwhile, the war of words coming from Democrats and the left continues to escalate. First we had the protest signs in Wisconsin calling for the Republican Governor Walker to be taken "Dead or alive" and with gunsights over his picture. Then, there was the vandalism and threats directed at a state official in Idaho by disgruntled teachers. And let's not forget the Democrat Congressman from Massachusetts who spoke at a gathering of mostly labor union supporters where he urged them to take to the streets and "get a little bloody when necessary." That advice was taken by a skinhead Teamster thug over the weekend who shouted "fascists" at Tea Partiers just before he assaulted one in California.

Violent Rhetoric on the floor of Wisconsin Assembly

All of that is bad enough when it's happening on the streets. But now, it appears that this uncivil conduct and violent rhetoric has now moved inside the legislative chamber in Wisconsin. Will this spread to other states and to the floor of the U.S. House?

Rep. Gordon Hintz(D)to Rep. Michelle Litjens(R) "YOU'RE F---ING DEAD!"

Newsbusters reports that as of 12:30 AM Tuesday, not one major news outlet other than Fox has covered this story. But that should be no real surprise as there has been very little coverage of any of the other episodes cited above.

But imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and Tea Partiers carried signs calling for an elected Democrat to be "dead or alive" or a Republican Congressman called for blood in the streets or any Republican legislator made death threats on the floor of the state assembly. It would be front page news for a week.

In the wake of the Tucson shooting, where Gabrielle Giffords, a woman and elected official, was horribly injured and six others died, we should expect the same Democrats who took to the microphones to blame the lack of civility for this crime would again do so now. But they won't.

And Nancy Pelsoi, who actively supports the Wisconsin protests and was once so famously concerned about the possibility of violence arising from an uncivil discourse is silent!

How long will it be before another Jared Loughner snaps and acts on the words of Democrats who continue to openly fan the flames of violent political discourse? Will Democrats be held accountable for their words if that happens? Don't bet on it. The "news" media will find some way to blame it all on conservatives for daring to do the job they were elected to do.

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