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John Bolton

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

NPR an "All White Operation" Whose Execs Think WE Are Racist!

Funny how liberal elites can't see that THEY are the real racists!

Yesterday, we learned that an executive at National Public Radio referred to "white middle America" as "seriously racist, racist people.” I pointed out that the board of NPR does not have one black face on it.

Juan Williams, who was fired from NPR for expressing concerns about Muslims on airplanes goes a step further:

Juan Williams: NPR An "All White Operation"

What Juan said about "not being pigeonholed as just a black journalist," was also interesting. It confirms the view that liberals like to keep blacks in their place and on the plantation. Juan refused to play that role which is one reason NPR had a problem with him.

Surely, what Juan Williams said about getting on a plane with Muslims was much less offensive than what the NPR exec was caught saying in an unguarded moment?

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