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John Bolton

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Problem Posting Comments

I have noticed that the comments from several readers have become lost due to some bug in the comment platform. It appears that rather than post their comments using the Disqus platform, their comments appear instead in the default Google setup. This causes the comments to disappear when the page correctly loads the Disqus platform.

There seems to be no easy fix to this problem and the long term solution is a migration of the entire blog to WordPress which is timeconsuming and likely to generate problems of it's own.

Meanwhile, if you see the Google Blogger comment window with it's generic orange and blue color scheme, reload the page. If that doesn't work email me at (remove all capital "As" from that address, a protection against email spambots).

Upgrading to the Google's advanced Blogger template was supposed to solve problems, not create new ones. But what can you expect when liberals, like those at Google, set out to improve things?

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