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John Bolton

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I Envy Japanese Patience

Compare their patient reaction to the slow pace of disaster relief to the whacko who went berserk in Burger King!

You may have seen the stories about the patient response of Japanese as they lined up for hours just to get a bottle of water and a cup of rice. Very few episodes of looting and an overall atmosphere of dignity and good behavior under the most difficult of circumstances any of us can imagine.

By comparison we have the recent video from a Burger King in Panama City, Florida where one patron dressed only in a bikini thought it was taking too long to deliver her Whopper Jr. and fries so she started a riot and accosted store personnel.

Another example of liberal American culture that creates spoiled, indolent and combative citizens who feel entitled to break the law when their "right" to instant gratification, in this case a Whopper Jr., is delayed.

The video almost makes me want to move to Japan!

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