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John Bolton

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Monday, April 25, 2011

If Drilling for Oil Isn't the Answer to High Gas Prices, Why is a 20-30 year plan for Green Alternatives Considered a Solution?

The answer is proof that this isn't about providing economic energy to the American people!

Radio Talk Show giant Rush Limbaugh made a great point Monday afternoon. We're constantly told by the left that drilling for oil is not the solution to high gas prices as it would take 5-10 years to bring new supplies of petroleum online. Rush is correct in pointing out that if we had drilled 5-10 years ago when the left first raised that objection new supplies which might effect the price would now be coming online.

But Rush went one step further by pointing out that the Obama Administration and the left keep pointing to some vague green energy alternatives as the answer. Yet, everyone knows that it may be decades before these alternatives are economically viable.

Another reason to drill here in the U.S. and drill now: U.S. supplies of oil and gas are available in abundance!

Drill Baby DRILL!

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