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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Minute Rumors and Speculation Swirl Around Royal Wedding

Forget the dress, what about the thong?

On Monday, I linked to the full update on the official Royal Wedding web site. You would think that with all that info to digest it would satisfy the most curious Royal watcher. Not so.  Despite 95+ pages of detail on the wedding, the tabloid press in the United Kingdom has been working overtime.

Here's an update:
  • The full scale military rehearsal was held early Wednesday morning in London complete with horse guards, soldiers and carriages. The Sun has a full report along with the movements of the Queen and Kate Middleton.
  • There's still no hint about the dress Kate will wear but speculation is rife that the Queen will loan the priceless Russian Tiara that has adorned the head of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Ann. Remember the old saying: "something borrowed..."
  • William and Kate will spend their first honeymoon night in a bedroom in Buckingham Palace. To go along with their first night as husband and wife, rumor has it that William bought a pricey hamper of honeymoon treats including scented candles, bath oil, chocolates, a teddy bear and bottle of the most premium Cristal champagne.
  • Kate's wedding night supplies are rumored to be a bit less expensive. She found  "Brazilian-style" lacy briefs (otherwise known as a thong) half price at 3.90 British Pounds. The Sun has a photo of the soon to be royal underwear.
  • The exclusive dinner party for three hundred at Buckingham Palace Friday night will not an affair for the old folks if Prince Harry has his way. The Queen and Prince Phillip are getting out of the palace and off to Windsor Castle following the official reception for 650 guests so as not to put a royal damper on things. Harry has made plans to party till dawn then throw a "survivors party" at 6 AM complete with bacon sandwiches.
  • Among the more bizarre stories is the rumor that Kate is having the jitters in nightmares where she walks the aisle nude in front of the entire Royal Family. But haven't we all had that dream?
Something for Royal Wedding Poo-Pooers

Not everyone is excited about the Royal Wedding and comedian Will Ferrell taps into that mood with his appearance on David Letterman where he french kisses the camera:

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