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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama's "War" on Oil Profits His Supporters at the Expense of Average Americans

If he really wants an investigation as to why gas prices are so high he should investigate his own Administration and himself!

In response to his cratering poll numbers (RCP average), Obama has been trying to get out ahead of the blame game for high gas prices this past week. Like earlier this month when he told a man with ten kids that he should buy a hybrid van (when no such vehicle exists) to beat high gas prices, this week's performance was another "let them eat cake" moment.

At a town-hall style meeting at a renewable energy plant in Reno, Nevada, Obama repeated his slam against people who drive high mileage vehicles and instead pushed the Chevrolet Volt. "I've been in one of these Chevy Volts. This is a nice car. It drives well," Obama told the crowd. Never mind that he only drove in a Volt for about ten feet in a demonstration last year. Lecturing Americans, millions of whom remain out of work to buy a car that costs about $40,000 and can only go 25-50 miles on a charge before it starts sucking gas is more proof that Obama does not understand the financial challenges facing the average American.

Obama's War ON Oil

Readers may recall the leftie cry during the Bush years about "no war for oil." That was the usual protest cry against any military action in the Middle East. Now, Obama is running an undeclared war ON oil. Here are the words of GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell:
Senator Mitch McConnell
Apr 22 2011

...Gas prices have nearly doubled over the past two years. In some parts of the country gas costs more than four dollars a gallon. How did it come to this?

President Obama’s policies certainly haven’t helped. His administration has delayed, revoked, suspended, or canceled many energy development opportunities. No matter how much they say they want lower gas prices, the regulations issued by this administration add up to one thing—a war on American energy production and the jobs that come with it.

President Obama has proposed raising energy taxes of up to $90 billion over the next 10 years—most of which would be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher gas and electricity prices. The taxes could also slow down domestic oil production, enough to put up to 165,000 jobs in jeopardy over the next 10 years.

The administration has issued only 10 permits for deepwater drilling basic exploration projects in the past 11 months. If that current slow pace continues, offshore energy production will decrease by 13 percent in 2011. And fewer deepwater drilling projects mean fewer jobs and billions of dollars lost in investment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has blocked access to potential offshore resources by refusing to provide permits to explore for oil off the Alaska coast, which holds an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil and would create 55,000 jobs per year.

The administration denied a permit to build a bridge needed to access an oil-producing field in Alaska after the EPA designated a nearby river an “aquatic resource of national importance.”

That same EPA is imposing through regulation what it couldn’t through legislation, the regulation of carbon emissions—despite Congress expressly voting against giving the EPA any such power. These backdoor regulations could increase the cost of gasoline and electricity by 50 percent and destroy more than a million jobs.

And the administration won’t even have a conversation about exploring for oil in a remote, 2,000-acre piece of land in northern Alaska that could bring approximately one million barrels of oil to market per day.

America contains enough untapped oil that we could easily replace our imports from the Persian Gulf for more than 50 years on domestic supplies alone. The problem isn’t that we need to look to foreign countries for energy, as the president has proposed. The problem is that the liberal Democrats in Washington won’t let us use the energy we already have.
How Much Oil is There? More than Enough!

In a November 2010 study, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service released a report describing just how abundant energy resources are in the United States. The report exposes the lie that has been spread that somehow we are running out of oil in the United States or that we don't have enough to meet our needs.

A few charts from the report highlight the issue perfectly:



A 50 year supply of oil. And this doesn't include oil shales and methane hydrates.

And let's not forget coal:


Obama's Renewable Energy Plan Makes His Friends Richer

While Obama is out pushing ever greater federal spending on long term renewable energy projects that won't do anyting in the short term other than enrich his green political supporters/investors, Americans are paying much more for energy than they would if we safely developed our own resources.

In Reno, Obama told the crowd: "We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain." Yet his green buddies at General Electric recorded record profits this year and paid nothing in federal tax. Don't hold your breathe waiting for Obama to investigate his pal G.E. CEO Jeff Immelt.

I almost feel sorry for Peggy Joseph, Obama supporter in 2008 who said:

If Obama is elected "I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car."

That's right Peggy... Obama will give you a windmill to power your skateboard!


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