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John Bolton

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Too Small or Too Liberal to Be Governor of New Jersey?

Isn't it the same thing?

Here's the story: Jon and Dawn Koczon took their four year old twins to the polls with them when they voted in the New Jersey governor's race in November 2009. On the way home, Jesse wouldn't stop crying. His mother asked him why:

Mother: "What's making you so sad Jesse?" '
Jesse: "Cause everyone tells me I'm too small to be the governor of New Jersey."

Governor Christie responded via Twitter: "Don't worry Jesse, people gave plenty of reasons why I couldn't be Governor, though being too small wasn't one of them."

But the real reason Jesse might not make it into the Governor's mansion came at the end of the tape when his mother asked him if he would raise property taxes. He responded "yes." His mother explained that raising taxes might not be what the people want.

Here's hoping that Jesse and millions of other four year olds out there learn the lesson that people want LOWER taxes!

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