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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama's Payoff to Hispanics with Latest Amnesty Push

Not like it's going to go anywhere and he knows it!

You bet Hispanic voters remember this:
“What I can guarantee is that we will have in the first year an immigration bill that I strongly support and that I’m promoting,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with the Spanish-language broadcaster Univision in 2008.
With solid control of both Houses of Congress Democrats never even brought a bill up for a vote. But Obama knows that unless he can hang on to gullible Hispanic voters he will lose re-election in 2012 so he's out there promising the same old soap he's sold before hoping Hispanics are too dumb to notice.

He took Air Force One for a spin down to Texas on Tuesday and before his big fundraiser in Austin (the real purpose for his trip) he stopped off in El Paso to pose in front of a bunch of American flags and denigrate those who put border security before further immigration reform.

The teleprompter was loaded with the usual straw men arguments that Obama uses as a substitute for meaningful discussion:
THE PRESIDENT: You know, they said we needed to triple the Border Patrol. Or now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the Border Patrol. Or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. (Laughter.) Maybe they want alligators in the moat. (Laughter.) They’ll never be satisfied. And I understand that. That’s politics.
He "understands" it all right. It is politics and that is what his speech was all about.

With the border carnage we've seen going on in Arizona, how could any President seriously suggest we are anywhere near a sufficient level of border security? It's as if he is mocking those who lives and property are being put at risk on a daily basis along the border.

Border is NOT Secure!

A recent Government Accounting Office study found that there are '"varying levels of operational control" over just 873 miles, or 44 percent' of the border. And only 15% of the border could be considered controlled, or more fully secure.

It may be relatively easy to dismiss Obama's pathetic attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of Hispanic voters once again. What's worse is that he and his Administration still do not take border security seriously. And that failure impacts far more than immigration legislation. People's lives are being put at risk!

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