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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Team of Lawyers on Standby for Possible bin Laden Capture

Just what you DON'T need in a war!

This story provides a revealing insight into how the Obama Administration views the war on terror:
President Obama had a team of lawyers, translators and interrogators on stand-by in case Osama bin Laden was captured alive during the raid on his Pakistani compound last week.

The New York Times has a story on the contingency plans. Obama had increased the size of the military operation so that the Navy Seals could fight their way out of Pakistan in case local police or troops interfered.

He also had two teams of specialists on stand-by. The lawyers were available in case bin Laden was captured alive, and burial experts were available in case bin Laden was killed.

In the capture scenario, bin Laden would have been brought aboard a Navy ship to avoid any battles over jurisdiction, the story says. Interrogators would have conducted initial interviews for information that could prevent a pending attack or identify al-Qaida leaders.
What do you suppose those lawyers were on hand to do? Make sure bin Laden's right to remain silent was protected? Restrain the interrogators?

With Obama's weeklong victory lap over the death of Obama and all the hoopla from his supporters about what a great leader he is, this news nugget is more revealing. The Obama team only refers to this as war when it suits their purposes. Otherwise, it's a criminal matter.

Do you suppose those lawyers will recommend prosecution of the Navy Seals for failing to read bin Laden his rights?

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