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John Bolton

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

White House Feeds Confusion/Conspiracy Theories Over bin Laden Death

Refusal to release photos and conflicting stories keep issue alive and keep Americans from talking about high gas prices, etc.

Say you are a president whose approval rating is steadily dropping in the polls. What's the best way to turn things around? Change the subject and keep people talking about something you did right, not all the things you are doing wrong.

That may help explain why the White House has refused to release the photos of Osama bin Laden taken after his death and why there have been conflicting stories about what happened at the compound in Pakistan where bin Laden was found. [Now we learn that only one of the five people who were killed was armed].

Sure, the confusion is just another example of the incompetence we have come to expect from team Obama. But there's no question that the Obama Administration's stumbling efforts to explain the raid in Pakistan have kept people from talking about high gas prices, the debt crisis or the shrinking dollar.

Obama's attempt at a grand distraction gets a further push with his victory lap at Ground Zero Thursday. Remember, this is the President who refused to attend the two anniversaries of 9/11 which have happened on his watch and has strained relations with the 9/11 families.

But the grand distraction can only work for so long. Once the novelty of the bin Laden story wears off people will start asking those other tough questions again. What do you bet that's about the time Obama releases the bin Laden photos?

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