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Monday, June 06, 2011

Rep. Weiner (DEMOCRAT-NY) Admits Lying About Sending Photos of Himself

But insists he won't resign. Standards of conduct are only enforceable against Republicans, not gutter trash and Democrats!

Viewers of 1960's television may remember Gomer Pyle, the dunderhead Marine who was always getting into trouble with Sgt. Carter. There's one moment from that television show that stands out right now and it's when Gomer said "surprise, surprise, surprise!"

But no one here is likely to be surprised with the admission by Rep. Anthony Weiner that he sent that lewd photo of himself to a young woman in Seattle then lied about his Twitter account being hacked. The man had guilt written all over him from the first second he appeared on TV to lie, lie, lie.

Weiner was left with little choice to come clean as Andrew Breitbart's Big Government web site, which broke the original story had begun running other photos which Weiner had sent to another person on the web.

Nancy Pelosi Requests Investigation

In the wake of Weiner's admission, Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation. Yeah. That will take care of it. Readers will recall how Democrats investigated Rep. Charlie Rangel for not paying income taxes and gave him nothing but a slap on the wrist. Weiner admits to being a liar and a scumbag. As a Democrat in Congress that is expected behavior.

Again, we are reminded of Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) who resigned immediately after it became public that he posted one shirtless photo of himself online. Lee never lied to his constituents or the American people. He took responsibility for his actions and left.

Not so with Weiner, Rangel or most Democrats. As I have long said, the GOP takes out the trash. The Dems leave the garbage sitting in the middle of the House and let it stink!

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