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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Unhappy Anniversary of "Recovery Summer"

Trillions in new deficit spending and still more Americans out of work than when Obama took over!

This post concludes a trifecta of web ads highlighting the incompetence and stupidity of the Obama economic and political team.
  • The first in this series came from the Romney campaign with it's commentary on Obma's comment that the increase in unemployment was just a "bump in the road."
  • The second was this ad from the Republican National Committee highlighting the ridiculous claim by Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, new head of the Democrat National Committee, that Obama has "turned this economy around."
  • The third in our series comes from American Crossroads, who highlight Obama's laughing it off that his stimulus bill, with it's "shovel ready jobs" was such a failure:

Who is to blame for all this bad news? One word: O - B - A - M - A !!!

On a lighter note and as a reward to all those who viewed the three videos above (and shared them with their friends) is this clip from Jimmy Kimmel taken from the GOP presidential candidates debate in New Hampshire last Monday. Who is to blame for all the bad news? Say it with me....

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