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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Why Rep. Weiner Has Nothing to Fear from Weinergate

You can be a lying scumbag and get away with it if you have a "D" after your name!

Here's a scenario: say you are a  married (Bill Clinton presided over the ceremony last year), powerful and influential congressman from New York and one of your personal online accounts is hacked and the hacker sends a lewd photo, purportedly of you, to a young woman, one of the 200 people you follow on Twitter.  Do you:

A. Call the FBI and demand an investigation.
B. Issue immediate and repeated declarations that the photo is not you and you did not send it to the woman in question.
C. Hire a lawyer and stop talking to the press insisting that further questions are a "distraction."

Rep. Anthony Weiner (DEMOCRAT-NY) choose option "C."

After first insisting his personal Twitter account was hacked, now Weiner is saying it was a "prank" of some sort. Either way, it is a serious criminal matter but  one that Rep. Weiner would apparently rather not pursue. Watch this extraordinary exchange where Weiner refuses to answer point blank questions put to him by reporters on Tuesday:

Text of the interview is here. Weiner stuck to his prepared script repeating the phony comparison of questions regarding this issue to a heckler at a speech to 45,000. Note at one point he calls one reporter a "jack-ass" for pressing the point and demanding an answer to the questions.

Readers may recall that it was little more than three months ago that Rep. Chris Lee, a Republican congressman from New York, resigned after sending shirtless photos of himself to a woman not his wife. Following the special election to fill that seat last week it is now in Democrat hands.

Rep. Lee was pushed out the door by GOP congressional leaders immediately after the story broke. Don't expect Nancy Pelosi to do the same for Weiner. Remember also that when Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) resigned in 2006 after sending text emails to House Pages it wasn't enough that he left Congress. Democrats demanded that GOP leaders be investigated to see what they knew and when. Again, don't hold your breathe for ANY action by House Democrats in this matter.

Rep. Weiner is a noxious little #%*! at the best of times and deserves to be held to the same standard of accountability that he and fellow Dems daily demand of Republicans. But don't bet on it.

It's pretty clear that Weiner is lying about sending the photo. Otherwise, why not make a denial? But since Democrat voters regularly cast their votes for lying scumbags of dubious moral character who cares right?

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