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John Bolton

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Mike's America Money Bomb

Show your patriotic spirit and your desire to restore America with a token of appreciation!

It's time for another fundraiser to support the work done here at Mike's America. And unlike PBS fundraisers this one won't last two weeks and I won't be receiving any taxpayer money from Uncle Sam.

My goal here at Mike's America is to provide the reader with the latest in news and information that they can pass along to their friends, family and associates to help combat the  liberal lunacy which currently threatens to destroy the foundations of our great American Republic.

Whether it's offering firsthand impressions of the 2012 GOP candidates as they come to the South Carolina Lowcountry seeking conservative support; or just putting up the latest web videos that everyone is talking about or posting easily understood graphic information detailing what a pit our economy is in, Mike's America aspires to provide a service to the conservative community.

Small donations of $5 or $10 are just as important a token of appreciation for that service as larger donations. And I want to extend my thanks to the reader in Hot Springs, Arkansas for repeated, generous donations.

Donations online are easy and secure with the PayPal system. Just click the graphic below:

Mike's America receives NO financial support from the Republican Party or any conservative organization. We depend solely on the generosity of readers to help maintain this site.

My fellow bloggers who are already doing so much to aid our cause are exempt from this appeal.

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