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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Obama Set to Launch Latest Scare Campaign Using Debt Crisis

Careful! If he doesn't get his way the sky will fall!

Obama is lining up his next big scare-a-thon using the debt crisis as his excuse to push for MORE "investments" (otherwise known as spending), higher taxes and more government interference in our lives.

One of his latest gambits is to say that the tax breaks for corporate jets are somehow cheating young people from a college education. He made that false choice repeatedly during his June 29th press conference and on other occasions since.

What Obama failed to mention is that the tax break on corporate jets amounts to $3 billion over TEN YEARS while federal help for college students amounts to $42 billion PER YEAR. With Obama's deficits averaging well over $1 TRILLION per year, the tax break on corporate jets (which keeps mechanics and service people employed) is nothing.

What's more, Obama was FOR the tax break before he was against it. He signed two pieces of legislation, including his much desired Stimulus bill which both included breaks for corporate jets.

What this shows is that instead of providing leadership and honest choices to help bring the political parties together to solve the debt crisis Obama is willing to go out there and say ANYTHING to try and shift blame away from the failure of his own economic policy.  This is the same man who promised that his Administration would user in a "new era of fiscal responsibility" yet has NO PLAN to do anything but tax and spend and increase debt.

American Crossroads put out this short web ad highlighting Obama's leadership failure:

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