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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Speaker Boehner Dumps on Obama's Phony "Grand Bargain" on Debt

Perhaps Boehner has learned that Dems will NEVER make the cuts they promise, but WILL raise taxes!

It's official! The much vaunted Sunday talks on the debt crisis (I suppose Obama was too busy golfing to do it on Saturday) busted up early with no agreement. This after Speaker Boehner signalled for the umpteenth time that he would refuse to ANY tax increase as part of a deal. Obama practically forced Boehner to that position after reneging on earlier promises of entitlement reform and insisting on a $Trillion in new taxes. Ed Morrisey of Hot Air has the details.

Does Obama really think that Boehner is so stupid as to agree to such outrageous conditions as the ones Dem proposed? Do they think that Boehner has forgotten why the GOP won big in 2010? Obviously Boehner hasn't forgotten the message from the 2010 election by voters who insisted we must STOP this runaway tax and spend train hurtling the nation down the tracks towards certain financial ruin.

Boehner Remembers History of Dems Broken Promises?

Perhaps another factor influencing Boehner is his knowledge of Democrat's performance following other "grand bargains" on debt and spending in the past. Boehner first ran for Congress in 1990. In that year President George H.W. Bush was persuaded to drop his "read my lips: NO NEW TAXES" pledge in return for Democrat agreement for budget cuts. Dems got the taxes they wanted and the spending cuts never happened. And a few years before that, Dems found a way to get around the Graham Rudman Hollings Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

The lesson here is that every serious past effort to control spending has failed and the tax and spend gravy train just keeps rolling down the track. Will Boehner be able to craft a compromise this time that avoids that sad history? It's unlikely. Even with a GOP controlled House, Senate and White House that job will be difficult. But at least Boehner appears to understand that another phony deal now will do more harm that good!

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