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John Bolton

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Riots Could Happen Here Too!

We're already seeing mobs in the streets and racial tensions increase!


A double decker bus burns as riot police try to contain a large group of people on a main road in Tottenham, north London on 6 August 2011.
Firefighters battle a large fire that broke out in shops and residential properties in Croydon on August 9, 2011 in London, England. Sporadic looting and clashes with police continue for a third day in parts of the capital.
It's already happening here!

For those who say it couldn't happen here we're already seeing it in places like Wisconsin where a large mob of black youth attacked white fairgoers at the Wisconsin State Fair. And in Philadelphia, the black Mayor, Michael Nutter, said that black youths attacking tourists in the city have "have damaged your own race."

Of course most of this mayhem in the U.S. is racial in nature which is odd since the election of President Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial healing. But it probably won't be long before the other left wing thugocrats get into the act.

My guess is that these riots and mobs are more likely to occur with the unsettled and seemingly perpetual crisis atmosphere generated by the failure of governments, including in the U.S., to deal with the fiscal emergency. Like most Democrats, today's mobs and rioters never let a crisis go to waste!

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