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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama Requests Speech Time at Same Moment as GOP Presidential Debate

It's a transparent and petty ploy to gain attention!

So, the moment finally arrives when Obama returns from vacation and is finally ready to lay out yet ANOTHER big speech on the economy. We all know it will be a rehash of what he has already said before a dozen or more times and yet Obama is seeking to build hype for the event by requesting an invitation from House Speaker John Boeher (R-OH) to deliver the speech before a Joint Session of Congress.

O.K. Fine. But then, we learn that Obama insists the speech be delivered at the same time as a long scheduled GOP Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library on September 7th. Not one day before. Not one day after.

White House Spokesman Jay Carney denied there was any coincidence in timing and suggested that the GOP debate could be rescheduled. Carney refused to respond to two questions by reporters on whether the timing of Obama's speech might offend former First Lady Nancy Reagan. You think he or Obama cares?

This Isn't the First Time Obama Put Himself First: Big Mistake!

With Obama, it's always me, me me, I, I, I, so no one will be surprised that he chooses once again to put himself first before other long scheduled events. This isn't the first time he has done so.

Readers may recall the long scheduled plans of former Vice President Dick Cheney to speak at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. on May 21, 2009 addressing national security issues. When it appeared that the event would be widely covered by the news media Obama announced HE would speak on the same subject at the same time at the National Archives. Obama's move turned out to be a big mistake as it elevated Cheney's remarks and diminished Obama's stature by comparison with the former Vice President.

It's clear Obama is chafing with all the attention being given to the GOP candidates. But when he deliberately steps in and tries to steal the show he once again exposes himself as a small, petty, arrogant man whose ego appears to be more important than working on behalf of the American People!


In his response to the Presdident's request Speaker Boehner welcomed the idea of hearing what new proposals Obama had for dealing with the economy and pointed out that House Republicans had been busy "implementing an agenda designed to reduce economic uncertainty, remove unnecessary government barriers to private-sector job creation, and help small businesses." [Note that the U.S. Senate, controlled by Democrats have blocked nearly every one of these measures.]

The problem is that Obama announced his intention to speak before Congress without receiving the invitation from Congress first. In his letter the Speaker pointed out that before any such address could take place the House would have to vote on the invitation and since the House would not be returning from it's Labor Day recess until the very evening of September 7th there was no time to arrange the speech.

I don't suppose it dawned on anyone at the White House to ask whether the time would be agreeable before making their announcement?

Speaker Boehner went on to recommend that Obama speak on Thursday September 8th.

See the actual letter signed "John" by Speaker Boehner here.

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