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Monday, August 08, 2011

Ohio Leads the Way to Restoring Fiscal Integrity

Repubulican governors like John Kasich in Ohio show that we can balance our budgets, lower taxes and upgrade our credit rating without devestating the social safety net!

I'm a big fan of Ohio's Governor John Kasich (R). I have been ever since he was a State Senator running in his first race for Congress when I was able to help him win his seat.

As head of the House Budget Committee in Washington he authored the only balanced budgets in the modern post-war era. And notice, that none of the Democrats scaremongering screeching about seniors and children being pushed into the street because of that budget turned out to be true.

Now, Kasich's done for Ohio what he did for the country. In return, Ohio's credit rating was upgraded by Standard & Poors. In this short 2:26 video Kasich tells us how he did it:

Kasich's story in Ohio isn't unique. States that recently switched from Democrat governors to Republicans are doing the same thing. How? By rejecting failed liberal ideology with it's big spending, high taxing and job killing regulations and returning to fiscal sanity and a business friendly environment. The result: budgets are balanced, taxes are lowered and the social safety net is protected.

What a shame Obama and the Democrats in Washington are "stuck on stupid" as General Honore once said in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Dems just can't admit their liberal ideology is a failure!

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