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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sarah Palin Tells Followers: "ABO" Anybody But Obama

In order to be taken seriously in the GOP 2012 nominating contest you MUST be prepared to support whomever emerges as the nominee!

What's the point in holding primaries if the folks whose candidate doesn't win declare they will stay home in November 2012 rather than vote for the GOP nominee? Sarah Palin understands that and said so during her visit to the Iowa State Fair on Friday:
When TheDC pointed out that some tea partiers have pledged to make sure Romney doesn’t get the nomination, Palin said, “I’m of the mind of ABO — Anybody But Obama, at this time.”

“We’ve got to get this country on the right track, we need fiscal conservatives with executive experience who’ve run businesses, run a state, [and] understand what it takes to allow the private sector to create jobs,” Palin said, in full stump mode.

“We don’t see that in Barack Obama,” Palin added. “We don’t see that in the Pelosi–Reid agenda. So that has got to stop and we need a Republican to get in there. And whether that’s Mitt Romney or one of the other candidates or one of the potential candidates, I have great faith that we will get back on the right track when things change in 2012.”

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Like other GOP voters Palin may favor a candidate other than Romney as the nominee. However, Palin is demonstrating the mature, practical attitude that should be followed by every participant in the GOP contest!

If you yourself cannot take that same pledge to support the GOP nominee, then you lessen your appeal to fellow voters to support your prefered candidate!

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