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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Democrats Won't "Pass this bill now!"

How does Obama get away with blaming Republicans for putting "party ahead of country" when more and more Democrats are opposed to his failed policies?

Readers may recall Obama's big time speech before a Joint Session of Congress where he repeatedly demanded that Congress "pass this bill now." CBS is out with a video montage if you missed the speech. After the speech, Obama took his "pass this bill" show on the road in a series of speeches where he repeated some variation of the phrase.

Put aside for a moment that Obama took two weeks vacation before returning to Congress to urge immediate passage of a bill that had yet to be written when he made his speech. The problem now is that the "bill" which appears to be a cobbling together of every idea that Obama could not get passed through the House and Senate when his party had unchallenged majorities in the previous two years hasn't even been introduced into either legislative body.

Democrats have not been rushing forward to sponsor Obama's bill and no action can take place until they do. Worse still, a number of Democrats have come out in opposition to the bill. The New York Times put together a partial list.

And in the Senate, the Majority Leader Harry Reid (another Democrat) has put legislation regarding bike paths ahead of any action on Obama's jobs bill.

Let's keep an eye out this coming week for any introduction of Obama's bill. But for now it seems like the only urgency on the part of Democrats is for a POLITICAL strategy to blame Republicans not legislation that would actually benefit the American people!

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