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Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Why do unions get a federal holiday when so many Americans are unemployed?

If there was ever a holiday that was a blank excuse to go to the beach without further contemplation of the reason for the day it is Labor Day. On Memorial Day we reflect on our fallen heroes. July 4th is a day to remember our fight for Independence. Labor Day is something labor unions dreamed up to get another day off to do what they do best: organize for more money and gripe!

But take a moment off from your picnic or the beach and reflect on what Labor Unions are doing to modern day America. No longer does Big Labor stand up for the little guy. Big Labor looks out for Big Labor and their allies in the Democrat Party. That's what the fight in Wisconsin earlier this year was all about. Take away the power of unions to compel workers to join and to force them to contribute to the Democrat Party via union dues and that spells trouble for the fat cats. A report by the Center for Public Integrity lists some of the huge salaries and perks of union executives that Big Labor is trying to protect while funneling millions to Democrats.

New Labor is "Anti-Jobs!"

Steve Huntley, writing in the Chicago Sun Times describes his union experience:
In another job, with another employer, at another time many years ago, I was a union activist. I edited a union newspaper, recruited new members and promoted the union whenever I could. Then I became its grievance chairman.

For 2½ years I spent 95 percent of my union-work time defending the incompetents, the lazy, the malingers and the malcontents. And they got paid the same as my fellow workers who showed up every day and gave their all to the job. What’s more, I saw how union rules frustrated management innovations to improve our journalistic product.
I don’t say there are no places where unions wouldn’t be good. But if deplorable working conditions and exploitative bosses were common, unions would have no trouble finding brave men and women to advance the union cause. That’s not the case. Workers see how unions have undermined the competitiveness of industries — think of the once Big Three automakers — and eroded long-term job security.

Huntley goes on to cite how Big Labor, allied with the National Labor Relations Board, packed with Obama cronies, is actually making the employment situation worse by attacking firms like Boeing who wants to set up a new jet manufacturing plant in South Carolina where compulsion to join a union is not sanctioned by the state.

Labor Unions are mostly an outdated relic of another era. But with millions of dollars for union executive salaries and Democrat campaign contributions at stake, this last Berlin Wall from the 20th Century is unlikely to fall anytime soon.

So, enjoy your day off from work. But don't thank unions for it!

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