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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Perry Gets Put in the Crosshairs by Media in Reagan Library Debate

This is  only the beginning of the "Palin Treatment" media has in store for Perry!

Michelle Bachmann stands by as Perry and Romney dominate the debate.

Ten days ago I posted that Texas Governor Rick Perry was about to get the Palin Treatment by the "same reporters who STILL won't ask critical questions about Obama."

PhotobucketBut even I was surprised at the transparent willingness of NBC's Brian Williams and Politico's John Harris to carry the water for Obama by seeking to damage Perry in this debate. Sure, it was expected that the new frontrunner in his first debate would face scrutiny above that directed at the other candidates but the tone and level of the attack was surprising.

For an indication of the level of attention given to Perry I examined the transcript of the debate and found his name mentioned 55 times. Romney was next with 38 and Bachmann trailing at 22 which is only somewhat more than the other remaining candidates. At page right see the  Wordle of the top 50 words from the debate. Size of the word in the graphic indicates it's frequency in the transcript.

Perry managed to field the biased and negative questions with little difficulty but the sad story is that few Americans watched the debate yet you can bet subsequent news reports of the event, which will be more widely viewed, will focus on the biased questions and less so on Perry's answers.

There were one or two difficult questions for Mitt Romney but it is pretty obvious by now that the left leaning media in this country would prefer Romney as the GOP nominee. Perhaps in the same way and for the same reasons they preferred McCain in 2008. Easier for Obama to beat!

This is just a taste of what the eventual GOP nominee will face in debates with Obama who will likely continue to receive special treatment from his friends and well-wishers in the "news" media!

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