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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sen. McConnell Blasts Obama's Bridge into Fantasy Land

Two and a half years after the first "urgent" stimulus and Obama is still campaigning for more urgent infrastructure spending?

On Thursday Obama showed up in Ohio again and this time used a bridge over the Ohio River as a backdrop for his calls for more urgent ("pass this bill now") stimulus spending. Two points to keep in mind: 1. The bridge in question is not structurally unsound as the President claimed but traffic demands more lanes be added which are 2. already in the works but nowhere near "shovel ready."

What's more is that projects like this might be underway by now with money from the first stimulus if Obama hadn't used the money to prop up state governments and labor unions with billions of dollars that did next to nothing to create new jobs but did allow a steady flow of campaign contributions from those organizations back to the coffers of the Democrat Party.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who comes from Kentucky, was particularly incensed that Obama used the bridge to his home state for another phony photo-op:

“Yet two and a half years later, what do we have to show for it: politically-connected companies like Solyndra ended up with hundreds of millions in taxpayer-backed money, and bridges like the one the President’s at today still need to be fixed.

“It’s worth noting, in fact, that this one company blew through more taxpayer money than the first stimulus allocated for every road and bridge in the entire state of Kentucky — combined

“So we’ve heard these promises before, and I don’t think the President should expect anybody to fall for them again.

“I mean, how many stimulus bills do we have to pass before these bridges get fixed?

“How many Solyndras do we have to finance?

“How much money do we have to waste before the President makes good on the promises he’s already made?

“If a bridge needs fixing, by all means, let’s fix it.

“But don’t tell us we need to pass a half a trillion dollar stimulus bill and accept job-killing tax hikes to do it.

“Don’t tell the people of Kentucky they need to finance every turtle tunnel and solar panel company on some bureaucrat’s wish list in order to get their bridges fixed.

“And don’t patronize us by implying that if we just pass this second stimulus, that bridges will be fixed ‘right away.’

“The American people heard the same thing when the administration was selling the first stimulus, only to turn on their television sets two and a half years later to see the President having a big laugh over the fact that all those shovel-ready projects weren’t quite as shovel-ready as he thought they were.

“So I would suggest, Mr. President, that you think about ways to actually help the people of Kentucky and Ohio, instead of how you can use their roads and bridges as a backdrop for making a political point.

“If you’re truly interested in helping our state — if you really want to help our state — then come back to Washington and work with Republicans on legislation that will actually do something to revive our economy and create jobs. And forget the political theater."
Obama's actions have made it clear that he does not want a solution to the jobs problem. He only wants to cement his political argument in order to blame Republicans. The only job he cares about is his own!

Meanwhile, The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped nearly 800 points this week! Obama's phony jobs campaign isn't fooling anyone!

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