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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Flea Party: They "Can't Protest Without Sleeping Bags"

And the Fleabaggers also insist that Porta-Potties are a "basic human right!"

I chroncile the idiotic demands of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters below but I couldn't pass up this article from New York concerning the effort by the City to reclaim Zuccotti Park, a privately owned space a block from Ground Zero (Google map). The park's owner has apparently had it with the space being used as a campsite and garbage dump and is planning to have it cleaned and to no longer allow camping.

Well, the idiots who make up this OWS bunch don't like it. But then, they don't like a lot of things about this country. While they are complaining about their "rights" they don't seem to recognize the rights of small businesses in the area or residents who want to enjoy their public spaces. And of course there are the concerns for public health caused by this "occupation."

Now the fleabaggers are demanding "portopans and dumpsters."
From CBS NYC: “There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. “If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”
“This is a protest; it’s not a camping area. People aren’t camping here, they’re protesting and we have the right to have sleeping bags. Where are they gonna sleep? How are they gonna protest? Without sleeping bags, they can’t protest,” one demonstrator told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks.
Local businesses have just about had enough:
Mike Keane, owner of nearby O’Hara’s Pub, told CBS 2′s Carlin demonstrators use his bathrooms and disrupt his business.

“I really hope this circus moves on. I’ve had my fill of these people,” Keane said.

He said the clean-up plan is not enough.

“Somebody’s going to wind up getting killed and maybe then someone will say let’s get them out of here. Hopefully it doesn’t take that,” Keane said.
Who has more "rights" here? The protesters or the local residents and business owners who pay their taxes and obey the law?

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