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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obama's New Slogan: "We Can't Wait" for More Wasteful Stimulus Spending

I like my version better: We Can't Wait Until Obama is Out of Office!

Ever since his campaign speech to a Joint Session of Congress Obama has been running around saying "pass this bill" in support of his latest big spending, pro-labor bill which is nothing more than a con job to funnel more taxpayer dollars to labor unions with massive kickbacks from Big Labor back to Obama's campaign.

The old "pass this bill" phrase is now outdated as even Democrats refused to vote for the bill. Now, with the stripped down bill, which still has massive transfers of taxpayer money to Big Labor (and through it to the Obama campaign) as it's centerpiece, Obama is running around repeating his new phrase "we can't wait."

The U.K.'s Daily Telegraph has the story:
Speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada, where about 60 per cent of home owners are in negative equity, Mr Obama announced a plan, which will not require endorsement from Congress, to allow them to refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates.

“We can’t wait for a dysfunctional Congress to do its job,” Mr Obama told a rally on Monday night. “When they won’t act, I will.” He added: “I’ve told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress.”
But visit the White House web site and you'll see that Obama is applying this latest campaign slogan to just about everything he is doing.

So, all of a sudden Obama "can't wait" for congress to act. He and his party had absolute control of both houses of Congress for two years. They squandered their majorities on a wasteful stimulus bill, health care, cap and trade and more. Of course next to none of their legislative efforts actually resulted in any positive change for the American people which explains why Republicans scored their largest legislative victories in modern times in the 2012 mid term election.

What Americans "can't wait" for is for Obama to leave office and to take with him all those White House Czars and V.P. Joe Biden who have proved they care only about propping up their Big Labor allies at the expense of average Americans.

We can't wait until Obama and his crew are history! One year from now we'll send them packing!

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