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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama's Weakness Invites Iranian Acts of War

Latest attack plot shows the danger of Mr. Nobel Peace Prize's rejection of "peace through strength!"

There are a lot of reasons President Obama banished the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. One might be that Obama disagreed with Churchill's original formulation, later embraced by Reagan, of "peace through strength." A far left radical like Obama could never endorse something with so much common sense. We see how his world view is playing out now with Iran.

When Obama came into office it was clear he wanted to try a new approach with Iran. He started by cutting U.S. funding for pro-democracy groups in Iran. This was about the only direct internal pressure the Bush Administration had applied to the crazy mullahs that run Iran. At the same time in his 2009 Cairo speech Obama apologized for America and said nothing about the human rights problem in Iran. While Obama inserted himself directly into the "Arab Spring" and endorsed the effort to remove Egypt's Mubarak, he refused to support the desperate cries for help coming from Iranians who were being murdered in the streets while protesting their government.

Obama expected that his make nice approach with Iran might bear fruit by making progress in talks to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions. Iran thumbed their nose at the U.S. and went right on building nukes.

Years have gone by and not only is Iranian nuclear development a greater threat than it ever was but the Iranian government is advancing their war against the U.S. No longer content to murder Americans by the hundreds over 30 years in the Middle East through their proxies Hezbollah and the Mahdi Army in Iraq they have now been caught in a plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador by bombing a restaurant in Washington, DC along with bombs at the embassies of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The attack would have amounted to a mini-911 and turned parts of Washington, DC into a war zone.

It's important to note that the Iranians never tried anything like this during the Bush years. They would have known that a crushing military response would most likely follow. But while Vice President Biden insists that "nothing is off the table" in terms of a response, does anyone, most of all the leaders in Iran, believe that the Obama Administration will do anything more than give Iran another slap on the wrist and perhaps send a strongly worded letter through the U.N.?

Iran has been getting away with murder for decades. Peace won't come through weakness. It's time Iran learned there was a real price to be paid for their blood lust!

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