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John Bolton

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Unemployment Remains at 9.1% and All We Get From Obama Is Another Speech!

The real "jolt" the economy needs is a defeat for Obama and the Dems in 2012!

At President Obama's news conference on Thursday Obama's teleprompter put these words on the screen for Obama to read: "Our economy really needs a jolt right now." Funny but we've heard those words before. Not only did Obama use nearly identical words to describe his latest "jobs" bill in the Joint Session speech in September but he used the word "jolt" repeatedly going all the way back to remarks about his original stimulus bill in 2009.

It's all rhetoric and political posturing in Obama-land and results don't seem to matter. We're listening to a broken record and few in the "news" media seem to notice.

If someone wants to "jolt" the economy how about selling a T-shirt that says "Unemployment is 9.1% and all I got was another lousy speech from Obama."

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